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Two Shed's Michigan Escort Pages

Here's a series of links that have proven not to be totally useless in locating escorts in the area.  (To me, "the area" means Chicago, Detroit, and all points in between.)  As always, I'd remind you to use care when dealing with people through the internet.  There are always rip-off artists and bait-and-switch come-ons mixed in among the gems.  Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to figure out who is which.

My goal here is to provide links to resources you can use to find an escort who appeals to you.  You probably don't like the same type of escort that I do, so I won't make any attempt to recommend one over another.  Nor am I particularly interested in offering direct links to escort's web sites, the turnover rate would make that a very high maintenance affair.  My goal is to point you to other places that have real, useful information.

I will give you one hint - always search the bulletin boards for reviews before you book an escort.  If you don't, you will regret it, take my word for it.

TwoShed's Southwest Michigan Escort Chat
My escort bulletin board.

The Erotic Review (TER)
Good site for finding reviews of escorts you've found on other sites.  If she's real, then she's probably in here.  You need to be a member to see all the details but you can become a member simply by contributing reviews.  Even without a membership you can see basic info and reviewer's ratings of their experiences with each escort.
There is a pay membership option here, but the public boards are decent.

Eros Guide - Michigan
Eros Guide - Chicago
Two of the Eros Guide sites listing local and traveling independents